Child support in cases involving unmarried parents

| Apr 18, 2017 | Family Law |

A divorce is not the only situation in which child support matters can arise here in Michigan. Such matters can also come up for unmarried parents. For example, there can be important child support matters to address after paternity has been established.

Now, child support cases involving unmarried parents can be quite different from child support cases that come out of a divorce. For one, the dynamics between the parents can be different, raising different sorts of concerns and considerations related to navigating the matter.

Also, there are some special child support issues unique to cases involving unmarried parents. One is the issue of retroactive support. After paternity has been established when it comes to unmarried parents, the mother may be able to seek retroactive support for child-related expenses she incurred since the child’s birth.

One thing that divorce child support cases and unmarried parent child support cases do have in common is that, in both sort of cases, what kind of child support arrangement comes out of the case can have big impacts on the involved parents and their kids.

So, when child support matters come up for an unmarried parent, whether they are a father or a mother, how well-tailored the legal guidance they receive is to their situation’s unique aspects can matter a lot. So, when navigating such matters, a Michigan parent may want the help and representation of a family law attorney knowledgeable of the unique concerns and Michigan laws related to child support matters coming out of paternity cases.

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