Political disagreements leading to divorce?

| May 12, 2017 | Family Law |

There are many topics couples can get into disagreements over. This includes politics. Recent times have seen pretty heated discussions and disagreements about politics in U.S. society in general. Are political discussions among couples also getting quite heated these days? A recent Wakefield Research study suggests that they are for a fair number of couples.

According to the study, when it comes to individuals in the U.S. who are in a relationship (married or unmarried), nearly a quarter (24 percent) report they have gotten into fights and disagreements over politics with their spouse/partner more since the recent presidential election than they ever have before.

The study also pointed to political disagreements having become a fairly common reason for a relationship to end these days, particularly among millennials.

Why do you think politics have become such a big flashpoint in relationships lately? What do you think are some of the best ways for married couples to help prevent political disagreements from spiraling into something that hurts, or possibly even ends, their marriage?

The disagreements that lead a couple into a divorce, whether they be over politics or some other topic, can be very heated and emotional. This is among things that can make divorces so prone to being very contentious. In the face of the many emotions a divorce can stir up, it can be important for an individual to avoid unnecessary conflict in the divorce and stay focused on what is best for them and their family during divorce proceedings. This could help with steering a divorce towards leading to a solid new start for them. So, when it comes to the big decisions in a divorce, a divorcing person may want a skilled lawyer’s guidance on how to approach these decisions in a way aimed at promoting what it most important to them.

Source: Fox Business, “Married Couples Splitting Over Trump, Study Says,” Jade Scipioni, May 8, 2017

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