Debate heats up in Michigan over 50/50 parenting family law bill

| Aug 16, 2017 | Family Law |

A new bill is promising to bring heated debates and much controversy to the state if it hits the floor of the House next fall. Lawmakers are hoping to add new legislature to the state’s family law books. The Michigan Shared Parenting Act would make 50/50 parenting an automatic ruling in most divorce cases.

Some of those who stand in support of the bill passed out flyers in Grand Rapids in an effort to educate the public about an event knows as Putting Kids First. The claim of those in favor of the act is that children need both parents throughout a divorce. They don’t feel that a court is choosing in the best interest of a child by giving full custody to one parent.

Some feel that current laws pit one parent against the other, making them fight each other over their most precious shared asset, their children. Others are opposed to the bill, fearing that it would grant automatic 50/50 custody to abusive spouses and parents. The sponsor of the bill assures the public that in cases where domestic abuse is suspected, the new law would not apply.

Anyone who is considering a divorce in the state of Michigan may want to consult with a family law attorney who is knowledgeable and up to date on the latest bills and laws. This lawyer can advise the client on the current rulings concerning child custody, child support, the division of property and other divorce concerns. Those who are dealing with domestic violence may also choose to speak with an attorney who can guide them in the best ways to stay safe while going through a divorce.

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