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October 2017 Archives

Personal injury: Ambulance driver caused fatal wreck

Ambulances, fire engines and other emergency vehicles are usually symbols of hope on the road. This was not the case for a recent fatal accident, in which one person was killed. These types of personal injury and wrongful death situations in Michigan are nothing short of tragic, and can cause immense emotional pain and suffering to the surviving family members.

Michigan mother jailed for ignoring family law court order

Divorcing parents are usually advised to go through the courts when dealing with matters pertaining to their children. This helps ensure that the child's best interests are protected, even if mom or dad decide that they no longer want to abide by a court-ordered agreement. A family law issue in Michigan recently made national news when a mother was jailed after refusing to comply with a court order.

Michigan family law allows for modifications to child support

Child support and custody arrangements made during a divorce are usually appropriate for the time and circumstances. However, life can be unpredictable, and what once worked might no longer be the best arrangement. Michigan family law allows for changes to be made to both child support and custody orders when necessary.

Criminal defense might be top priority re McDonald's DUI charge

A Michigan man was arrested after what police say was erratic behavior at a closed fast food restaurant. Accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol, police took to social media to describe the events leading up to his arrest. It is not clear what effect -- if any -- the police's internet ramblings might have on his respective criminal defense.

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