Personal injury: Ambulance driver caused fatal wreck

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Ambulances, fire engines and other emergency vehicles are usually symbols of hope on the road. This was not the case for a recent fatal accident, in which one person was killed. These types of personal injury and wrongful death situations in Michigan are nothing short of tragic, and can cause immense emotional pain and suffering to the surviving family members.

It does not appear as if the ambulance was responding to an emergency at the time of the wreck. There are currently no reports of its sirens or lights being engaged, and a spokesman from the police department reported that the driver was returning to an area station for shift change. Police believe that the driver of an ambulance caused the wreck when he blew through a stop sign, striking another vehicle.

After hitting the car, the ambulance plowed through a guard rail and fell 30 feet off a bridge. The 21-year-old driver of the other vehicle died only a short while after his vehicle was hit, apparently while still at the scene of the accident. The two individuals in the ambulance were both injured and hospitalized and are currently cooperating with authorities as they investigate the accident.

Car accident victims may seek just compensation for their injuries through the use of personal injury claims. However, many Michigan families are unsure of their options when a loved one dies from another person’s negligence. Wrongful death suits function in much the same way, as surviving family members may seek financial recourse on behalf of their loved one’s estate.

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