Is age a reason to not get a divorce?

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While gray divorce is clearly on the rise, you may still shy away from divorce due to your age. For example, you may think something like, “I’m 65. How will I ever meet someone new?” or “How can I stay afloat financially?” Indeed, older people can have many concerns that keep them from pursuing divorce.

However, just how bad can the outcome of a gray divorce be? In some cases, yes, the consequences can hit hard. In many cases, though, the short-term pain leads to long-term gains. Here are some ways to tackle the common concerns related to gray divorce.

Staying afloat financially

Perhaps you have not worked in years, or you are the sole earner in your marriage. Or maybe both of you worked but are about to retire. There can be ways to stay afloat financially, beginning with a fair distribution of property and assets. You may have to downsize, change your lifestyle somewhat or work part-time, but for quite a few people, these moves are preferable to staying in a marriage that makes them unhappy. However, if health insurance is an issue, it may be better to get legally separated rather than divorced. Your lawyer can help clarify the financial issues and pinpoint solutions.

Meeting new people

You may not even be unhappy in your marriage, per se. The spark disappeared long ago, and you are merely content. You make do and figure what you have is better than ending up alone. However, many people’s lives are long, and relationships and romantic alliances form at any stage of life. Even people in nursing homes start up new relationships. You deserve to be happy and in love if that is what you want, no matter your age.

Starting over

Starting over can be a scary prospect, and when you are older, it can seem especially daunting. What happens to friends you and your spouse have had for what seems like a lifetime? How do you tell your children? Where can you go for holidays? To be sure, divorce is usually not a decision to be made lightly. It could be that financial concerns or other issues take priority over leaving your marriage, but chatting with a lawyer about options can help you feel empowered.

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