Shared parenting gaining support in family law

| Feb 1, 2018 | Family Law |

When a Michigan couple or others across the country go though a divorce, child custody issues are among the most sensitive in the deliberations. While traditional arrangements often saw the children spend the majority of their time with one parent, shared parenting is now gaining more widespread support. In fact, family law experts report that 25 states either have legislation in place that supports shared parenting or are considering it.

In many past divorces, one parent was the custodial parent, while the other mainly saw the children on weekends or some holidays. However, child advocates stress that children can experience negative consequences by not having both parents actively involved in their lives. In the area of education, reports show that over 70% of those who drop out of high school come from single-parent homes. When both parents contribute to a child’s educational process, grades are proved to be higher.

In addition to improving education, shared parenting has shown to reduce the level of substance abuse and gang involvement. Improvements were also realized in other areas, such as bullying, aggression and truancy. Statistics also showed improvements in health and stress levels. While many programs to benefit children cost millions of dollars to implement, advocating shared parenting arrangements costs nothing.

Child custody decisions can be a source of contention in divorce proceedings. To adequately address this issue and many others, it would be wise to contact a Michigan family law attorney. An experienced lawyer can help those going through a divorce understand the legal process and the options available to them. A knowledgeable attorney will work with clients to help them achieve a favorable outcome in the proceedings.

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