Criminal defense: Michigan CPS supervisor accused of DUI

| Mar 21, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

A Children’s Protective Services supervisor operating in Traverse City was arrested the night of March 2 after being accused of driving drunk. The 38-year-old Michigan resident faces charges of DUI and assaulting a police officer. She was allegedly on call during this incident. The woman must now turn her focus to preparing an criminal defense, particularly given her employment with CPS.

According to court records, around 11:30 p.m. police were called to a downtown bar by a security guard who allegedly saw the woman leave and attempt to drive her vehicle while intoxicated. Police arrived promptly in the parking lot, whereupon the report notes she tried to flee from the officers on foot. Upon being caught, she allegedly smelled strongly of alcohol and kicked one of the arresting officers repeatedly in the leg.

Court documents go on to say the woman was apparently on call from 5 p.m. Friday up until Monday morning. This would put her in the position of potentially having to respond to a CPS call at any time during those hours. While the Department of Health and Human Services have confirmed she is indeed a supervisor in their employ, further comment was not forthcoming pending an internal investigation of the incident.

A charge of this magnitude could end this woman’s career in children’s services for good, considering the implications of her having to make life-or-death decisions as part of her job. This is one reason why Michigan prosecutors are required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the woman was indeed driving while intoxicated. They will likely need to make use of evidence like blood or breath testing to corroborate this, and the woman’s criminal defense representation will be able to carefully go over any evidence in an effort to build a compelling case in her defense.

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