Bird nesting a new approach to marital home family law issues

| Apr 17, 2018 | Family Law |

What to do with the marital home and where to live after a divorce is one of the biggest challenges people face when ending a marriage. While state family law can settle particularly contentious property distribution issues for Michigan couples, many look to alternative arrangements in the interim of a final resolution. Keeping the marital home for the kids and rotating the parent who lives there is becoming an increasingly popular option, particularly for wealthy divorcees.

The trend is called “bird nesting,” and is often attempted by parents looking for a way to make the divorce easier for their children. There are certainly some positives for this arrangement. For example, waiting to sell or move from the marital home can be financially wise. It gives the home more time to increase in value, or else allows for a lease to expire.

However, bird nesting can also raise some challenges for Michigan couples who attempt the arrangement. Financially, both parents need to have a second place to live when they are not at the shared home with their children. Coordinating household chores and schedules can also be difficult, especially for a couple who already struggles to get along.

Divorces are very personal, and unique family law issues can arise for different families depending on financial, professional and personal circumstances. Those who want to try a bird nesting arrangement can benefit from clear communication and boundaries. Those looking for legal advice on property division and how to handle the marital home in a divorce should contact a Michigan lawyer.

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