Will self-driving cars lead to more personal injury claims?

| Apr 4, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Michigan readers are aware that many tech companies and automakers are in the testing phase for their models of self-driving vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are no longer a prospect of the distant future, but they are a reality that is coming soon to Michigan roads. There are some who have concerns over the safety of these vehicles, particularly in light of the condition of state roads, wondering if they could possibly lead to an increase in the number of personal injury incidents.

While several states already allow the testing of these vehicles, Michigan is preparing for these vehicles to be on the road at some point in the future. However, poor road conditions could make it difficult for self-driving vehicles to safely maneuver. In the future, the increase in self-driving vehicles will lead to changes in the roads, but many fear that the state that cannot keep roads in good condition now may not be able to keep up with this specific requirement in the future.

Self-driving cars will have to operate on all types of roads, but poor conditions could lead to a higher change of an accident. Technically, these vehicles should be able to implement the built-in technology to discern dangers and road hazards, but road condition is a serious concern for all types of vehicles. Authorities are responsible for ensuring that road conditions do not place motorists at an unnecessary risk for accidents.

Individuals who find themselves injured in accidents caused by factors beyond their control, including road conditions or self-driving vehicles, have the right to seek financial compensation. After an accident, victims will find it beneficial to seek a full understanding of the legal options available to them. A personal injury claim can help victims address medical bills and other accident-related losses.

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