How can you track down a dog owner after the dog bites you?

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Say that you were out on your bicycle in the woods or gardening in your front yard. Seemingly out of nowhere, a dog approached, and after some banter between the two of you, attacked you. It then ran off.

You sought medical attention for your injuries, and the bills keep coming. You would like to seek help from the dog’s owners and their insurance policy, but how can you track the owners down?

Make a police report

One move is to make a report with the police. Perhaps someone has brought the dog to their attention before, and they know who owns it. Alternatively, they can keep the information on file in case something happens in the future too. Hopefully, you will be able to report what the dog looked like, its breed, approximate weight and other vitals. The police department might be able to make a post on social media seeking information.

Return to the scene

Another idea is to return to the scene of the bite every once in a while to see if you spot the dog and owner. Maybe the owner walks the dog according to a routine.

Seek out witnesses

There may have been no known witnesses to the attack, but maybe a few people witnessed it and have not come forward. Perhaps these people can help clarify what the dog looked like or who its owners might be. You can make posts on social media (including in pet groups when permitted) seeking out any witnesses or general information on the possible identity of the dog.

What if the owner is never found?

If the dog’s owner is never found or it is a stray dog, then your insurance policies are largely responsible for covering your medical bills. This can be quite frustrating if you lack insurance or have bare-bones coverage. Fortunately, hospital personnel and medical staff may be understanding of your circumstances and work with you to reduce or forgive large portions of your bill.

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