Family law may restrict travel with kids during divorce

| Jun 14, 2018 | Family Law |

Choosing to end a marriage can be a challenging undertaking. As former couples work through issues like custody and division of assets, many face issues under family law that can restrict travel and cost additional money. It is a good idea for divorcing couples in Michigan to understand the possible restrictions they may face as they go through a divorce process.

Insurance is one of the more contentious issues during the period before a divorce is finalized. It can take several months or even years to finalize a divorce, during which time the insurance-holding spouse may be legally required to keep his or her ex on his or her health insurance policy. This can be expensive for those who pay out-of-pocket for insurance.

A recent news story featuring the newly divorced Angelina Jolie showcased another restriction regarding traveling with children. She was unable to take her children to another country while she was filming due to an unfolding custody case. Courts will often restrict travel with children during custody disputes for fear of a kidnapping incident.

There are a few other restrictions Michigan couples may face as they wait for their divorce to be finalized. For example, people often can not transfer or dispose of property until it is divided between parties. This can be a particular challenge for those who would otherwise like to sell property to pay for expenses related to the divorce. Those who have family law questions about restrictions related to divorce and want legal support to oversee the proceedings should contact a family lawyer.

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