4 tips for taking the high road during divorce

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When you are getting a divorce, your instinct may be to be vindictive. However, seeking revenge will only prolong the process and drain you financially and emotionally. While you should fight for your own interests and there are times to hold your ground, you should not spend every second being vengeful.

Taking the high road can lead to a more peaceful process and a favorable settlement. Here are some tips for having a respectful and healthy divorce.

1. Treat your ex with respect

Dealing with your ex is difficult, especially if he or she is hurting you. You do not need to try to be best friends, but you can be civil. Being professional and courteous is especially important during court hearings and in front of your kids.

2. Switch visitation times if necessary

Sometimes, the other parent may ask you to change up your schedule a little. If this only happens every now and then, try not to make a big deal out of it. Last minute plans come up and sometimes making the switch is better for your children.

3. Do not take the bait

Chances are your spouse will try to push your buttons by saying something mean or doing something stupid. Instead of giving in, do not engage. While this takes a lot of self-control, it is worth it. The more you bicker, the longer and more expensive your divorce will be. Arguing also takes a toll on your health and affects your kids.

4. Do not lie or hide assets

It can be tempting to twist the truth or get creative with money during the property division process. However, this will only end up hurting you in the long run. Being honest is the best way to have a smooth divorce and maintain your integrity.

Breaking up with your spouse may feel like an overwhelming process, but these guidelines will help it go more smoothly.

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