Criminal defense: Driver arrested after fatal crash

| Jul 24, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

A Michigan man is in police custody following an accident in which one person was killed. The driver believed to have caused the wreck was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, and as such is facing multiple serious charges. These types of allegations often require careful criminal defense action from defendants.

The 25-year-old driver was behind the wheel of his vehicle shortly before midnight. Police claim that he either did not notice or completely ignored a red light, and drove against the right of way. When proceeding through the intersection, he struck another vehicle that had the green light. That vehicle’s 54-year-old occupant suffered fatal injuries in the wreck.

The collision also resulted in injuries for the young man. However, before emergency responders could transport him to the hospital, police noticed that he supposedly smelled like alcohol. He was eventually taken to a hospital where he received necessary medical treatment. However, upon his release at 6:30 the morning after the wreck, he was immediately taken into police custody.

The driver was arraigned on charges for reckless driving that caused death as well as OWI causing death, and his bond was set at $500,000 cash. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for criminal defense, and many defendants in Michigan feel understandably overwhelmed when facing such charges. However, most people can achieve the most satisfactory outcome by carefully reviewing their charges, evidence and other related information alongside their respective counsel. This typically provides a better understanding of a defendant’s unique situation and how best to handle matters.

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