Can one’s friends push one towards family law court?

| Aug 15, 2018 | Family Law |

Having friends is an important part of the human experience. Most people in Michigan confide in their friends when things are not going so well and celebrate together when things are good. However, when someone has a friend that his or her spouse does not particularly care for, he or she could be more likely to end up in family law court.

Researchers from the University of Michigan looked back over 16 years of data before reaching the conclusion that bad friends can lead to a divorce. The study also involved a survey of 355 couples who were still in the newlywed phase of marriage and answered questions about their spouses’ friends. Specifically, they answered question regarding if their spouse had any friends they did not care for or wished that their significant other did not hang out with.

The effect is more pronounced for husbands who do not care for their wives’ friends. Researchers attributed this to the general nature of female friendships, which tend to be more focused on intimate talks that could put some men at unease. White couples are also more likely to divorce over this issue than couples of different racial backgrounds.

The reasons behind divorce can be wide and varied, but no matter why a couple decides to end their marriage, they still have to deal with the same issues. Property division, alimony, child custody and support are all significant family law issues that Michigan divorcees must handle. Couples can either negotiate an agreeable settlement through mediation or other alternative dispute resolutions, or they can leave the matter in the hands of a judge, who will give a final ruling on the matter.

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