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Do second marriages end in divorce more often?

Divorce is increasingly common in today's society, with multiple marriages becoming more and more frequent as well. A common statistic that many people cite regarding multiple marriages is that starting with a second marriage, the divorce rate increases.

If second marriages end more often in divorce, then divorced people who remarry may benefit from a better understanding of this statistic. Here is some information about the truth behind the statistics and how likely you are to divorce if you are in a second marriage:

Multiple marriages and divorce rates

Statistics do bear out the common knowledge that multiple marriages end in divorce more frequently. In fact, second and third marriages have high failure rates. Nearly 70 percent of second marriages end in divorce, according to statistics. This high divorce rate means the odds are stacked against you quite severely if you enter into a second, third or fourth marriage. Many people think this is simply a result of the fact that if you did not succeed in your first marriage, you are more likely to not succeed in a subsequent marriage. However, this assumption overlooks several important factors.

Some people who divorce may not see divorce as a crisis, but rather as something they can manage when it becomes necessary. Others may enter into second or third marriages because they are vulnerable or do not want to be alone, later discovering that they married again for the wrong reasons. There is not one blanket answer for the reason why multiple marriages tend to fail at higher rates than first marriages.

Overall divorce rate

What the statistics about the failure of second and third marriages often overlook is that the divorce rate for first marriages is already relatively high. Nearly one out of every two marriages is bound to end in divorce, according to statistics. Therefore, the underlying causes of divorce are much broader than those affecting people who enter into multiple marriages. Divorce affects nearly half of those who get married, so when looking at divorce, it is important not to reduce the causes down to general categories, but rather to view the phenomenon from a holistic perspective.

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