Fortnite — the newest family law issue

| Sep 25, 2018 | Family Law |

Playing video games as a hobby or a means to relax and unwind is fairly common in Michigan. Unfortunately, some people claim their spouses are taking gaming too far, and it is leading to a variety of family law issues. Increasingly, online multi-player games are pushing some couples toward divorce.

The World Health Organization decided to include “gaming disorder” in a list of acknowledged mental health problems. Although this change came in the summer of 2018, it mirrored what many people already knew — gaming can be addictive. Fortnite in particular seems to be particularly problematic, with a worldwide following of over 100 million players.

Divorce filings citing excessive gaming and the game Fortnite have recently gone up, indicating a serious problem. Like other types of addictions, gaming addictions can interfere with a couple’s ability to communicate with one another. This is true whether a person is spending too much time playing Fortnite, on their cell phone too much or otherwise engaging with technology to the point of excess, which can be hard to avoid in a technology-driven world.

Whether a Michigan couple decides to divorce over a gaming addiction, substance addiction or other problem that they are unable to overcome, the desired outcome is usually still the same — an agreeable divorce settlement. In some cases, mediation can be an appropriate choice for couples who hope to settle matters between themselves. For others, going before a family law judge who will give a final ruling on the matter may be the best choice.

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