Criminal defense: Hit-and-run accident leads to charges

| Oct 2, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Michigan police arrested a woman believed to have been involved in a deadly drunk driving collision. Although she allegedly fled the scene of the crime, authorities were able to locate the suspected driver a short while later. Crafting a strong criminal defense is essential when facing serious charges such as these.

The hit-and-run accident happened shortly before 4 p.m., when witnesses say they saw a woman strike a bicyclist with her vehicle. Instead of stopping, she fled the scene. The witnesses who were at the scene of the wreck provided police with license plate information for the SUV, which they then used to track down the suspect later that same day.

Although it is not clear which testing methods were used, police claim that the woman’s blood-alcohol content was three times that of the legal limit at the time of her arrest. She is facing criminal charges for an OWI — operating while intoxicated — causing death. Police also filed an additional charge for leaving the scene of the accident.

Charges involving alleged intoxication behind the wheel are serious and can have severe penalties even without a conviction, such as the temporary loss of driving privileges. An initial strategic criminal defense review can give Michigan defendants a strong foundation upon which to approach their charges, and this usually begins with a careful review of all charges, investigative reports, evidence and other information. Since criminal law can be complicated, an experienced attorney can usually provide more thorough explanations and understanding of the matter at hand.

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