How to avoid accidents in roundabouts

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Many drivers around Michigan may have begun to notice more roundabouts popping up. There are many advantages to roundabouts, such as the fact that roundabouts do not require electricity. Therefore, it is an environmentally-friendly option for cities looking to reduce their carbon footprints.

Despite the benefits, many drivers worry about going through a roundabout because they are unfamiliar with the rules. As a result, numerous accidents occur in roundabouts every day around Michigan. It is vital to know how to drive through roundabouts, so you can substantially decrease your chances of being in an accident in one.

Stay in your own lane

Many collisions in roundabouts occur when one driver tries to switch lanes after already entering the structure. It is vital to know which turn you will make and get in the lane you need to be in before going into the roundabout. There will be signs ahead of time letting you know which lane makes which exit. Additionally, you need to be cautious of accidentally drifting. Many drivers drift because going in a circle is still new to them.

Only make a right turn from the right lane

Drivers in the right lane will assume drivers in the left lane will go remain in the left lane to go straight or make a left-hand turn. It is extremely dangerous to turn right in the left lane. Similarly to the above point, you need to know how you will turn, so you do not pull a dangerous stunt to make the turn you want.

Yield for cars already in the roundabout

Roundabouts have yield signs around the perimeter, so if you see a car approaching, you need to be ready to stop. You should never assume anything, because you never know if someone will try to do something dangerous. Many Michigan drivers still need to acclimate themselves to roundabouts, so you need to remain vigilant.

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