Want to be happier? Science says address your family law issues

| Dec 3, 2018 | Family Law |

Even when it is obvious that a marriage is not going well, some people in Michigan still feel obligated to tough things out. Whether it is a parent hoping to make things work for the children or someone who is scared of what life after divorce might bring, evidence indicates that it may be better to simply address family law issues head-on. Consider these benefits of taking that first step toward divorce.

Researchers from a university in the United Kingdom found that women reported feeling significantly happier for a period of around five years following their divorces. This effect was noted across all areas of their lives and not just in terms of their personal or romantic relationships. A separate area of research also indicates that unhappy marriages can make people physically sick, putting them at higher risk for illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Divorce actually decreases these risks.

But what about the kids? Many parents still operate on the misguided idea that their children will be better off with two unhappily married parents than with two happy divorced parents. However, toughing it out means that a child will have to grow up in a home plagued with underlying tension and anger. In these situations, splitting up is far more emotionally healthy for children.

Divorce often gets framed in a negative light, and the end result is that unhappy couples end up focusing on everything that might go wrong rather than what will go right. Michigan divorcees can not only look forward to improved health, more happiness and less stress for their children, but they can also potentially expect to improve their personal finances. However, these benefits often hinge on reaching an agreeable conclusion to all family law issues, which requires careful attention to detail.

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