How social media can help you through your divorce

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Social media seems to be everywhere these days. In fact, you probably cannot go to a restaurant without seeing someone posting a photograph of an entrée to Instagram or Twitter. While you may be a social media maven, you must think twice about what you post during your divorce proceedings.

Family law attorneys almost unanimously agree that you should not disparage your soon-to-be ex on social media. You also may not want to post photographs that indicate lavish spending. Still, you may not have to avoid social media altogether. On the contrary, using platforms intelligently may help you through your divorce proceedings.

Follow supportive accounts 

While food, fashion and fun seem to occupy a significant amount of space on social media sites, there are some supportive accounts that provide valuable information. Find those and follow them. If you can pick up a bit of wisdom every day, your divorce may be more pleasant.

Monitor your friends 

You probably understand the rationale behind not deriding your spouse on social media. That is, few things are more embarrassing than listening to your partner’s lawyer read your angry posts to a judge in a courtroom. You should realize, though, that your friends’ words could harm your case. Therefore, consider asking your friends to refrain from commenting on your divorce on their social media platforms.

Be positive 

While you do not have to show off on social media, you can indicate to others you are thriving. Remember, positive thinking usually encourages more positive thinking. Try to present yourself in a proactive way. After all, posting inspirational sayings to your social media accounts is not likely to offend anyone.

While taking a hiatus from social media may be advantageous during your divorce proceedings, you probably do not have to avoid posting altogether. By understanding how social media can help you cope with your divorce, you can likely develop a posting strategy. Think about what you share with the online world, and take steps to improve yourself.

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