Personal injury compensation for dog bite injuries

| Jan 24, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Dogs can bring a lot of joy to their owners and those around them, but are they always safe? Regardless of their training or background, dogs are still animals, which means that they are capable of causing serious harm. Dog bite victims often need help addressing the aftermath of these attacks. Although no two injury victims are alike, many find success in pursuing personal injury claims.

In Michigan, owners are responsible for their dogs’ actions and behavior. This falls under strict liability, which means that it is not your responsibility to prove that an owner was negligent. You do not need to prove that a dog was off its leash or that it was acting viciously even when leashed — if it bit you, its owner is responsible. If you intend to include a landlord in your claim, then you may have to demonstrate that they allowed a dog on the premises that was known to be vicious.

However, it is still possible for an owner to argue that your injuries were not their fault. An owner can claim his or her their dog only bit a person because the victim was trespassing on his or her property. Even if the victim was on the property with permission, an owner might argue that he or she provoked the animal into attacking.

If you were recently bit by a dog, you know just how serious the matter is. Bite wounds can be severe, and you might already be wondering how you will handle the resulting medical bills. You also have long-time pain and suffering to worry about, including emotional trauma. You do not have to deal with all of this alone, though. You can find out more information about dog bite injuries and personal injury claims in Michigan, and how we can help, at our website.

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