What family law issues should I include in a prenup?

| May 7, 2019 | Family Law |

Prenuptial agreements do not come in one-size-fits-all formats. All couples in Michigan have unique concerns and situations that require a more personalized approach, so the ability to customize solutions is important. Here are a few family law matters that some people choose to include in their prenups.

Finances generally play a significant role in prenuptial agreements. Since most income earned during a marriage is considered joint marital property, some people might want to ensure a bit of extra financial security. One such option for addressing this is agreeing that each person can keep a certain percentage of their monthly income in a separate account. Outlining these types of money decisions in a prenup can help people overcome difficult talks before getting married.

In other situations, one or both partners might have had difficult experiences witnessing their parents’ divorces. If a person watched their parents divorce because of cheating, they may understand just how messy things can get. Mapping out how a divorce will proceed in the event of cheating can help couples end their marriages in a civil manner, despite dealing with an emotionally difficult matter.

Couples are not doomed to divorce if they sign a prenuptial agreement. In many cases, creating a prenup can actually help couples in Michigan open up important lines of communication that can prevent certain issues in the future. For those who are curious about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, speaking with an attorney who is experienced in family law matters can be helpful.

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