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What to expect from an alcohol safety class after DWI

What do you think of when you think of drunk driving consequences? Chances are that you think of jail time, fines, or even ignition interlock devices. While all of these are good answers, another component of DWI sentencing is a sometimes required alcohol safety class to help you better understand the dangers of alcohol abuse and drunk driving.

Here are a few things you should understand if you are court order to complete an alcohol safety class:

  • Counseling centers are located just about everywhere. Michigan's website offers a comprehensive list of each county and whether they offer assessments or classes. For instance, Livingston County only offers one option for classes but no option for completing an assessment. This makes it simple to satisfy this requirement of your sentence.
  • Expect a time commitment. Considering a court can require a first-time offender to serve up to 360 hours of community service, this should serve as no surprise: DWIs require your personal time. At minimum, the state of Michigan says that the first level of class should clock in at eight hours. Some programs offer a live-in curriculum that satisfies both your community service and alcohol safety class requirements.
  • Your classmates may not all have DWI convictions. A Michigan court can order an alcohol assessment and classes for any substance-related offense. That's a wide brush to paint with and can include people charged with open container violations or someone who used a fake ID to buy alcohol.

These classes typically cover discussions on alcohol addiction, including the effects it has on your family and others. You can also expect to hear cautionary tales, including those who were survivors or lost loved ones in alcohol-related crashes.

The goal of these courses is to prevent future DWI convictions through attempting to show you the effects of your alcohol use on your life and people around you. Avoiding future convictions is something that you should avoid because the consequences for repeat violations are severe.

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