Are child custody issues causing your children stress?

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Divorce is not easy, but it does not necessarily have to ruin children’s lives. Children are typically resilient and adaptable. However, if unresolved child custody issues are causing stress in a family, a concerned Michigan parent might recognize physical signs of emotional distress in his or her child.

It is not uncommon for adults to have trouble articulating or processing their emotions in a divorce. It is not surprising, then, that a child might not know how to verbalize his or her feelings. If a child keeps complaining of headaches or stomachaches, it might be a sign of emotional distress.

The body often produces physical symptoms in response to emotional trauma. A child who is having trouble coping with divorce might show a lack of appetite at mealtime, or a sudden habit of binging on junk food for comfort might take hold. Any type of eating or sleep disturbance is a sign that something is wrong, and if a doctor has ruled out any underlying physical cause, then the physical symptoms might be connected with emotional stress.

Child custody issues can be difficult to resolve. The longer they remain unresolved, the likelier the stress of the situation might have a physical impact on children’s health. This is one of many reasons it is a good idea for a concerned parent to stay closely connected with an experienced Michigan family law attorney, who can provide support if a problem arises, even after a divorce is settled.

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