What to do right after a car accident

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Getting into a car accident is stressful. Between the noise and the shock, it is understandable if Michigan drivers forget proper protocol. Understanding Michigan vehicle law is important for drivers who wish to avoid excessive fines or even a hit-and-run charge.

These guidelines can help Michigan drivers stay safe and help those injured in a motor vehicle accident.

5 guidelines for those involved in a crash

Michigan residents can keep these guidelines available to pull up an easy reminder should they get into an accident:

  1. Remain at the scene of the accident. No matter how light the damage may appear, drivers involved in an accident should remain at the scene until they complete the following steps or instructed by authorities.
  2. Check for injury and render aid. Examine everyone in the car for injuries then check with people in the other vehicles. If anyone is hurt, call an ambulance immediately. Provide medical assistance to the injured, if able.
  3. Call the police. Michigan law requires drivers involved in an accident to inform the police if the crash caused injury or death, more than $1,000 worth of property damage or damage to an unattended vehicle or property. Many cities and counties may have additional reporting expectations. When in doubt, report the accident.
  4. Exchange insurance and identification information. Drivers need to exchange relevant information, including name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, Vehicle Identification Number, and insurance policy information. When talking with other drivers, do not discuss the accident or apologize for any alleged wrongdoing.
  5. Collect evidence of the accident. To prove fault, insurance adjusters need evidence of the accident. If able, collect as many photographs and videos of the accident as possible.

An attorney can assess a liability claim

Michigan has a no-fault insurance system meaning that a driver’s insurance company will cover costs due to property damage, injury and even lost wages. Drivers with questions about a recent accident or Michigan’s insurance laws can find answers with a local attorney familiar with motor vehicle law.

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