How to defend against child abuse charges

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Individuals in Michigan and elsewhere who are facing child abuse charges have the right to defend themselves against those allegations. An individual may be able to assert that he or she is the victim of a false accusation. It isn’t uncommon for parents to be accused of harming their children during child custody proceedings. It may be possible to dispute a false allegation by providing evidence that an accuser is lying or that this person has made false claims in the past.

A parent is typically given significant leeway as it relates to disciplining a child. If it can be shown that bruises or other minor injuries were the result of a legitimate attempt to correct a child’s behavior, an abuse case may be dropped. In some cases, teachers or other authority figures have the right to spank or otherwise discipline a minor.

Parents are generally not liable for injuries a child sustains in an accident. For instance, a mother or father won’t be charged with abuse if a child falls while riding a bike or gets into a fight with a classmate. However, an exception might be made if an accident was caused by a parent’s gross negligence. Furthermore, parents are rarely held responsible for injuries that are caused by a medical conditions.

A parent who is charged with child abuse may temporarily lose custody or other rights to a son or daughter. If convicted of a child abuse charge, a person may spend months or years in jail or prison. A criminal defense attorney may help an individual show that an abuse allegation is false or that a child’s injuries occurred inadvertently. A legal representative may use witness statements, medical records or other information to bolster any claims that are made during a trial.

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