False allegations of child neglect and abuse

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Public awareness of child abuse and negligence has increased among individuals in Michigan and other parts of the U.S. within the last few decades. While many concerned individuals are doing their part to take the necessary steps to protect children, unfortunately, many child abuse claims are not substantiated.

In certain instances, further investigation into child abuse claims reveal that accusations are unfounded. Sometimes, false allegations are made intentionally to discredit the subject of the allegations. This is especially true in divorce and child custody cases.

For individuals who face false allegations of child abuse or neglect, immediate counter-action should be taken. Accused parties should do their part to prevent the likelihood of false allegations by refraining from spending time with children without another adult present. They should also avoid engaging in any behavior that could be perceived as inappropriate, such as rough-housing, telling inappropriate jokes or making sexually suggestive comments.

Individuals accused of child abuse or negligence should also familiarize themselves with the laws in their states so that they can determine how to better protect themselves. They should reach out to coworkers, family members, neighbors and friends who might be willing to testify on their behalf, either in court or by making a written statement.

Child abuse and negligence charges are very serious, even if the allegations are unfounded. These allegations must be investigated to protect the best interests of the child. For a person who’s accused of abusing or neglecting a child, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to assist. When necessary, an attorney may provide advice and representation to help an accused individual understand his or her legal rights.

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