Is your job hurting your marriage?

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We have all heard that most marriages end in divorce. And, while the 50% statistic is debatable, for young people, at least, one’s career may influence that statistic. Indeed, if recent statistical analysis is to be believed, certain industries lead to higher rates of divorce by age 30 or higher.

The statistical analysis

The statistical analysis was done by Zippia, a career website. The website analyzed various data from the U.S. Census, which focused on young people around the age of 30.

Bottom spot

The bottom spot, number 21, fell to nurse anesthetists, with only a 12% divorce rate. With everything going on right now, and the stress of the nursing field, this may come as a surprise. But, for whatever reason, these healthcare heroes have little to worry about when it comes to divorce, at least as it relates to their careers.

Top spot

Unfortunately, the top spot with the highest divorce percentage was first-line enlisted military supervisors. These heroes keep us safe on the homeland, but their jobs, apparently, put a huge strain on their marriages. At 30, they have about a 30% divorce rate, a heartbreakingly high percentage for those we rely on.


Unfortunately, the data did not dive into the why of these numbers. But, for the top spot, perhaps, it is the stress that comes with long deployments overseas, the phycological and physical effects of combat, along with the added stress and worry not knowing if each deployment will be a spouse’s last.

Family law

Family law, like divorce, for our Brighton, Michigan, residents is never easy and clean. Indeed, divorce, can become contentious quickly, and while one’s career can help lead a couple down that path. Perhaps, the takeaway from these numbers is to not let our careers dictate our marriages. If we see the stress or the cracks, seek help.


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