What jobs do you qualify for with a criminal record?

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After an encounter with Michigan police, you must defend yourself against criminal charges. In the meantime, you still want to continue your search for a new job.

Chron explores occupations for those with a criminal record. No matter how your case turns out, ensure you prepare yourself and your career for any outcome.

Meet basic requirements

No matter your background, you must meet a position’s basic qualifications. You must likely have a high school diploma or its equal for entry-level positions. Expect to need basic work experience for entry-level jobs, too. Before applying for a position, check that you have the necessary skills.

Physical labor

You may have an easier time qualifying for physical labor positions. These include food service, construction, janitorial services, hotel housekeeping and warehousing. Some positions may pave the way to an apprenticeship with on-the-job training. You could also learn skills working alongside painters, carpenters, brick masons and other skilled workers.

Remote work

Are you good at managing your time and working alone? You could work from home as an independent contractor. Examples of work-from-home positions include customer service, telemarketing, market research surveys, data entry and translation services. If you have an administrative or technical background, you could qualify for work as a virtual assistant.


If you would rather work outside the house and on the road, consider trucking positions. Some companies welcome applications from candidates with a criminal background. You could receive paid training and classroom instruction as you work toward earning your commercial driver’s license.

A criminal record need not stand in the way of making strides in your career. You may need to make some adjustments, but that does not mean you must settle.

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