What is the process for filing for divorce?

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If your marriage is over and you wish to legally sever ties with your spouse, then you must go through the legal process of divorce. Regardless of whether you can reach an agreement on the terms of your separation, you still must have a ruling by the court to end the legal contract you create when you marry someone.

According to the Michigan Legislature, the law specifically provides instructions on how to file for divorce in the state.


The paperwork you initially file is a complaint. The complaint must include personal information and a statement that you wish to end your marriage. You do not have to provide grounds or a reason for the divorce beyond saying that there was a breakdown of your relationship and you do not feel you can reconcile.


After you file the complaint, your spouse will get a copy to review. He or she can then file an answer. The answer will address what you said in your complaint. Your spouse will either agree or disagree with your proposal to end the marriage.


The court will formally end your marriage by issuing a ruling in court based on the complaint and answer. The final judgment does not happen until you have a settlement. The settlement may happen outside of court or the judge may help you to reach one. This agreement will cover all the important details of dividing your lives, such as child custody, support and property division.

The legal steps in a divorce are fairly simple. It is the divorce agreement where things can become complex. If you wish to have a quick process, it helps to reach an agreement before going before the judge.

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