How do you live with your ex during a divorce?

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When divorcing spouses cannot afford to move out into their own places, they may have no choice but to remain in their marital home together. Depending on their relationship during divorce, spouses could have trouble getting along under the same roof.

With help from National Family Solutions, soon-to-be-ex-spouses better understand how to live in harmony. Staying in the same house while dissolving a marriage could benefit both parties equally.

Create house rules

Much like roommates when they first move in together, divorcing couples may benefit from setting up house rules. Together, they decide whether they keep sleeping in the same bed, how to divide spaces in the house and whether they eat meals together. It may feel odd treating a marital partner like a roommate, but doing so may make the transition easier.

Decide how to handle expenses

Despite a person’s marital status, bill collectors still expect to receive payments on time. It makes sense for divorcing couples to create a plan for covering shared expenses. The arrangement they had while married may still work, or soon-to-be-former partners may want to come up with something new. Parties may want to think about their incomes as single people when deciding how to divide bills.

Keep the kids in the loop

A divorcing couple may stay in the same house for the sake of their shared children. If so, they may want to talk about what to tell the kids. Children often notice more than they let on, and they could notice a shift in their parents’ relationship. Mom and dad may want to explain that they feel more comfortable sleeping in different rooms.

The right mindset could make living together during divorce a breeze. Divorcing spouses deserve to protect their peace of mind.

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