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How even a simple will is better than nothing

There are many reasons that people in Michigan decide not to draft wills. Perhaps they think they do not have enough money or assets to make it worthwhile. Instead, they tell family members of their intentions (for example, Joe gets the wooden toys, and Helen gets the dolls). Or maybe they have taken a look at the state's laws for intestacy succession, and these laws more or less line up with what their will would say anyway.

3 essential motorcycle safety tips

Whether you just got a motorcycle or you have been riding for decades, it is always important to keep laws and safety tips in mind. Without the proper motorcycle endorsement on your driver license (CY) or safety measures, you could end up in trouble. Remember that education and training is an ongoing process and does not end when you get your motorcycle endorsement. 

Is that inheritance really 100 percent yours?

When you are married, it is easy for your assets and property to gradually become shared. For example, the car you owned and used alone for five years before marriage may be considered marital property if your spouse used it and especially if his or her name was added to the title.

What to do if a dog bites your child

You may not be worried about dog bites, because all the canines in your neighborhood are friendly. You may know the owners and be familiar with some of the dogs. Despite these circumstances, the risk of a bite is still very real, especially for small children.

Factors that can impact Breathalyzer accuracy

If a law enforcement official pulls you over in Michigan and believes you are under the influence of alcohol, you can expect that he or she will ask you to submit to a breath test using a device called a Breathalyzer. To ensure accurate readings, Breathalyzers must undergo regular calibration and maintenance, and this is due in part to the fact that the device essentially estimates your blood alcohol content as opposed to giving you a definitive reading.

Pedestrian hit by car on highway 23, 3 pedestrian safety tips

An elderly man sustained serious injuries after being hit by a car in Green Oak Township on March 11 of this year. This pedestrian accident is an example of how dangerous it can be simply to walk near cars. If you frequently walk or bike in the area, make sure to take proper safety precautions to avoid a collision such as this.

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