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Trends in fatal vehicle accidents

In 1975, The U.S. Department of Transportation started an annual tally of fatalities that occur as the result of motor vehicle crashes. Their 2015 statistics showed that 35,092 people died in highway crashes, an increase of 7 percent from the year before. In fact, these fatality figures are the highest since 2008. Among other factors, the causes included speeding, driving while intoxicated and lack of seatbelt use.

Deadly trifecta blamed for spike in fatal teen car accidents

Preparing young drivers to safely operate their vehicles is not an easy task. We take many steps as a society to help these drivers learn the skill of driving safely. We generally require the completion of some form of driver's education, book and road lessons as well as a final test before drivers can get their license.

Truckers fight against required electronic logs, and loose.

Regulations are in place that are designed to reduce the risk of accidents. This is particularly true when it comes to the commercial trucking industry. These regulations are often criticized, and it is not uncommon for a particular regulation to face a courtroom battle.

Why parents may be the most distracted of all drivers

Most Michigan residents are familiar with the term distracted driving and understand the dangers associated with talking or texting on a cellphone, eating or tuning the radio station while driving. While there's no doubt that these activities are indeed distracting and dangerous for drivers, a 2013 Australian study revealed what may very well be the most distracting thing of all to a driver—his or her child.

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