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Michigan promotes the idea of parenting time in child custody

There are a plethora of matters that have to be sorted out when divorcing. Some of these matters can be handled quite amicably and without having to get the courts involved. Other issues are more complex and require court attention. With respect to child custody in divorce, this topic tends to fall into the complex category in most cases. Because every parent wants to spend time with their child and be with them on a continual, regular basis, divorce can throw a wrench into this and leave the parents feeling upset. Undoubtedly, when a court issues a child custody order, even if it is for joint custody, the relationship between the parent and the child will inevitably change.

Are military personnel at a disadvantage in child custody cases?

Child custody is difficult for any couple that has to go through it. Because there is the potential for a parent to lose time with their child, emotions tend to run high during child custody battles. The courts have to look at what is in the best interest of the child and often this might not line up with what the parents want.

Michigan appellate court rules on family law matter

There has historically been a presumption in the law that a child born to a married couple is the biological child of the spouses. For most Brighton families, this presumption is a reality. However, when marriages break down and individuals engage in extra-marital relationships, this presumption can sometimes fail.

Fathers are increasingly winning child custody

Michigan courts look to the best interest of the child when making decisions as to child custody. This standard is applied in almost all jurisdictions as a measuring stick for child custody decisions. The standard looks at many factors, including the parental relationship with children involved in the child custody dispute. The court's decision can always be revisited as circumstances change.

Joint custody is the wave of the future

Determining child custody is probably one of the biggest decisions that a court has to make when dealing with divorce. There are a plethora of other things that have to be handled in divorce proceedings, but none are as paramount as who takes custody of the children. Because of the impact that this decision has on the family, and more importantly on the children, the courts utilize the "best interest of the child" standard when making this decision. This is a uniform standard that all courts in all jurisdictions follow to ensure that the children are adequately and appropriately represented in a divorce proceeding.

Amicably resolving child custody disputes is helpful

A divorce can bring about a plethora of emotions, such as anger, anxiety, worry and hate. These emotions can at times cloud a person's decision-making when facing issues such as child custody. When children are involved in a divorce, the divorce proceedings seem to be that much more unpleasant. Both parents want to continue to be the parent to their child, and this is put at risk when a court has to decide whom the child will reside with at the end of the divorce proceedings, when all of the decisions are made. Child custody issues are difficult issues for the courts to resolve.

Famous actor in battle for custody of his daughter

Child custody is such a hot button topic in divorce cases because in some instances a parent's relationship with his or her child will be forever changed. To go from being with one's child every single day to a potential situation where that is not the case can be emotionally devastating for both the child and the parent. This is why courts take child custody issues very seriously and make every effort to ensure the child is placed in the best home, irrespective of what the parents may want. In doing this, courts utilize the best interest of the child standard to guide its decisions.

A courts child custody decision leads to a parental mistake

Determining the custody of a child is one of the more difficult decisions that the courts have to make. Judges do not likely enjoy telling a parent that they can no longer have unfettered access to their child. Courts typically get involved in child custody cases in the first place usually because the parties cannot come to some type of agreement with respect to custody, or because the child needs the court intervention for some reason. The court utilizes the best interest of the child standard whenever it has to make a child custody order.

Sarah Palin's daughter may be facing a child custody battle

Divorce is an extremely difficult time for couples in Michigan. Not only must they deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with ending a relationship, but, if children are involved, they must also deal with child custody issues. Questions of child custody can be hard for courts to answer because ultimately the child is going to be with one parent more than the other in most custody cases.

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