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Criminal defense: Over 480 arrested in drunk driving operation

The holiday season often brings many occasions for people to attend parties and celebrations where alcoholic beverages are served. During this time, law enforcement officials routinely focus on curtailing the number of people who get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking. A recent effort by Michigan police resulted in over 480 motorists focusing on criminal defense concerns following their arrests for alleged drunk driving.

Drugged driving tests could affect your criminal defense needs

Drivers usually understand that they might be asked to submit to a Breathalyzer or blood test if pulled over for suspected drunken driving, but a new program could have officers asking for something else. At least one Michigan county is launching a one-year program that allows officers to administer saliva tests during traffic stops. This could have serious implications for criminal defense plans.

DUI criminal defense unlikely to be affected by expiring law

The legal blood-alcohol limit for driving in Michigan is .08, the same as many other states across the rest of the United States. This similarity in legal limits is not a coincidence, as federal funding for state highway needs are tied to keeping the BAC limit for driving at .08. Although this limit is set to expire soon, it is unlikely that it will affect the criminal defense for those accused of drunk driving.

Criminal defense might be top priority re McDonald's DUI charge

A Michigan man was arrested after what police say was erratic behavior at a closed fast food restaurant. Accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol, police took to social media to describe the events leading up to his arrest. It is not clear what effect -- if any -- the police's internet ramblings might have on his respective criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Facebook cited in Michigan woman's arrest

Michigan police claim that the social networking website Facebook played a role in a young woman's arrest. Accused of fleeing the scene of an accident, police also claim that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Drunk driving allegations are serious, and typically require careful criminal defense planning.

Criminal defense: getting a DUI in the driveway

One man recently found out the hard way that being behind the wheel while intoxicated is not a good idea, even if the driver in his or her own yard. According to a ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court, a man who was discovered driving drunk in his own driveway could need a criminal defense lawyer. This decision reverses an earlier ruling.

Memorial Day weekend and drunk driving enforcement

Memorial Day weekend can see a lot of different things when it comes to the nation’s roads. This includes police being particularly watchful for drunk driving and other traffic safety issues. In some states, these efforts involve sobriety checkpoints. However, that isn’t the case here in Michigan.

Michigan Supreme Court case looks at drunk driving law and driveways

Drunk driving allegations can carry many potential consequences with them. What happens in an OWI case can impact many things for a person, including their record, their driving status, their employment situation, their pocket book and even their future. So, when a person has been accused of driving while drunk here in Michigan, the decisions they make in the case can have considerable ramifications. So, when allegations of drunk driving arise, getting quality legal advice and help on the matter as soon as possible can be important.

What things are against the law isn’t always obvious

There are all kinds of laws on the books here in Michigan. This includes a fair number of criminal laws. So, there are lots of things that are illegal here in Michigan. And the list of such things has gotten a fair amount of additions in recent years. According to reports, in recent years, Michigan has been adding dozens of new criminal offenses a year.

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