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What to expect from an alcohol safety class after DWI

What do you think of when you think of drunk driving consequences? Chances are that you think of jail time, fines, or even ignition interlock devices. While all of these are good answers, another component of DWI sentencing is a sometimes required alcohol safety class to help you better understand the dangers of alcohol abuse and drunk driving.

Does Michigan family law address grandparents' rights?

You do not stop being a parent once your child becomes an adult, and in some ways the job may be even more emotionally draining. Dealing with the emotional aftermath of an adult child's divorce or death can be particularly difficult. This is especially true when your relationship with your grandchildren is compromised. Although Michigan family law does not automatically give grandparents rights, you might be able to secure visitation if it is in your grandchildren's best interests. 

Criminal defense for embezzlement

Being accused of embezzling company funds can be a potentially career-ending experience. If you were recently charged with embezzlement, you already know how much is on the line, and it is more than just your career. You could also face potentially severe criminal consequences. Like most other Michigan defendants, you are probably eager to minimize these kinds of impacts through a carefully crafted criminal defense plan.

Criminal defense: Mother arrested on super drunk driving charge

A Michigan woman is facing several charges for allegedly getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. According to police, she had her two children in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Michigan law tends to handle allegations that involve minors quite seriously, so defendants in similar situations are typically well advised to carefully focus on their criminal defense planning.

Criminal defense: Police charge man with history of DUIs

Michigan police recently arrested a man for allegedly getting behind the wheel of his vehicle while intoxicated. According to reports, the man also attempted to flee from police on foot. As this is not his first DUI offense, timely and careful attention to criminal defense may be helpful in minimizing some of the legal consequences he is facing.

Criminal defense: Hit-and-run accident leads to charges

Michigan police arrested a woman believed to have been involved in a deadly drunk driving collision. Although she allegedly fled the scene of the crime, authorities were able to locate the suspected driver a short while later. Crafting a strong criminal defense is essential when facing serious charges such as these. 

Criminal defense: Michigan driver charged with DUI

A Michigan man was arrested after a traffic stop in the early hours of the morning. He was charged with drunk driving and possession of a firearm while intoxicated as well as resisting arrest. It is not clear if he has any criminal defense plans yet. 

Criminal defense: Driver arrested after fatal crash

A Michigan man is in police custody following an accident in which one person was killed. The driver believed to have caused the wreck was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, and as such is facing multiple serious charges. These types of allegations often require careful criminal defense action from defendants. 

New law to limit forfeiture after successful criminal defense

Civil forfeiture is one of the more controversial aspects of arrests or investigations. Recently, lawmakers in Michigan passed a bill 83-26 to tighten the rules on what property can be seized by police in relation to drug investigations. The law will ensure the property of those who are found innocent in their criminal defense cannot be held by law enforcement.

Expansion of surveillance camera may affect criminal defense

Video evidence, such as security footage, often plays a major role in criminal trials. Michigan criminal defense attorneys may be dealing with an increasing amount of this type of evidence thanks to an expansion to Detroit's real-time surveillance monitoring program. According to the mayor's office, there are plans to roll this controversial system out to educational institutions throughout the school.

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