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Should I file a personal injury claim for my dog bite injury?

The physical injuries associated with dog bites are often severe, and many victims also experience long-lasting emotional trauma. If you were the victim of a dog bite, you can seek compensation from the dog owner through a personal injury claim. Like other victims, you may find that financial compensation can be an essential tool for your recovery. 

Reducing personal injury incidents related to distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the biggest safety concerns in Michigan and across the United States. Despite the fact that most people know it is risky, many drivers continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. Law enforcement and other parties continue to fight for fewer distraction-related personal injury incidents by increasing awareness.

Personal injury: Truck crashes through bank lobby

Most people in Michigan understand that they risk being injured in a wreck when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Few, if any, expect to be hit by a car and suffer a personal injury while standing inside of their bank. Unfortunately, this exact situation played out recently, sending several people to the hospital. 

Personal injury: Toddler's death blamed on reckless driver

Multiple people were injured and a small child was killed in a recent accident. Michigan police suspect the person who caused the wreck was driving recklessly. When another person's negligence results in an accident, victims and their families can pursue compensation through either personal injury or wrongful death claims depending on the situation. 

Personal injury: Wrongful death claims might follow fatal crash

According to  police in Michigan, a 20-year-old man will likely be arraigned on charges related to a fatal car accident that occurred in the early morning hours of a recent Tuesday. The crash investigation is ongoing, but a preliminary report indicates that the driver fled the crash scene on foot. It is not known whether he suffered any personal injury, but his two passengers lost their lives.

Will self-driving cars lead to more personal injury claims?

Michigan readers are aware that many tech companies and automakers are in the testing phase for their models of self-driving vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are no longer a prospect of the distant future, but they are a reality that is coming soon to Michigan roads. There are some who have concerns over the safety of these vehicles, particularly in light of the condition of state roads, wondering if they could possibly lead to an increase in the number of personal injury incidents.

Personal injury suit could address damages from fatal crash

A devastating car crash cost a young mother her life and left one of her sons critically injured. The Michigan woman's other son was also in the vehicle at the time of the wreck, but he survived without injuries. The victim was pregnant with her third child. Although it is not clear if the family plans to take any action, personal injury and wrongful death claims are common responses to accidents such as this.

Personal injury suits can be tricky for motorcyclists

For some people in Michigan, there is no greater feeling than riding astride a motorcycle. Motorcyclists usually value this experience greatly and take necessary safety measures to protect themselves on the road. Unfortunately, other drivers may not. Motorcyclists are usually at risk for serious personal injury from negligent drivers of larger passenger vehicles.

Personal injury: Ambulance driver caused fatal wreck

Ambulances, fire engines and other emergency vehicles are usually symbols of hope on the road. This was not the case for a recent fatal accident, in which one person was killed. These types of personal injury and wrongful death situations in Michigan are nothing short of tragic, and can cause immense emotional pain and suffering to the surviving family members.

Company found liable in personal injury suit for man's death

A jury in another state has found one company, SAR Automation, L.P., liable in the death of a Boeing employee. The decision comes after the third-party personal injury and wrongful death suit that was filed against the company by the employee's widow. She filed the suit on behalf of herself and the two daughters that she shared with the deceased. While this case did not take place in Michigan, similar cases are heard throughout the state each year.

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