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Successfully Fighting Drunk Driving Charges

While the Michigan Legislature has made it harder to fight a drunk driving arrest, that does not mean your DUI case is open and shut. The experienced lawyers at the Law Offices of Harris & Literski can spot opportunities to challenge your DUI charges. Our intervention regularly results in dismissed charges, reduced charges or lesser penalties.

Our Brighton law firm handles DUI/OWI charges in Livingston County and surrounding jurisdictions of Michigan. Before you give a statement to police or plead guilty, find out how our proven criminal defense attorneys can make a positive difference in the outcome.

Exploring Your DUI Defense Options

If the Breathalyzer reading was over the legal limit, it is not the end of the story. Law enforcement officers must follow specific protocols, and you have specific rights. Our attorneys know how to identify errors and inconsistencies in the arrest process and exploit them to your advantage. We have had success in challenging different facets of drunk driving arrests:

  • Traffic stops — Did the officer have a sound, specific reason to pull you over, or merely suspicion?
  • Field sobriety tests — Did the officer conduct these roadside tests properly? Were you arrested on the basis of inadmissible tests such as reciting the alphabet backward?
  • Breathalyzer tests — Was the machine properly calibrated and maintained? Was the test administered properly?
  • Breath test refusal — Did the officer adequately explain your rights and the consequences under Michigan’s implied consent law?
  • Miranda rights — Were you prevented from speaking to a lawyer or coerced into incriminating statements, against your constitutional rights?

Every drunk driving case is unique. Our strategic and fact-driven approach to the evidence has helped many clients avoid a DUI on their record and mitigate the serious penalties and collateral consequences. In addition to the criminal charges, we represent clients in license suspension and license restoration proceedings.

It’s Never Over Till It’s Over

Rather than relying on the mercy of the court, you can rely on the Michigan DUI defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Harris & Literski to exhaust your defenses and proactively seek the most favorable outcome to a scary and regrettable incident.

We welcome drunk driving cases in Brighton, Howell, Ann Arbor and surrounding communities of southeast Michigan. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.