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Defending Drivers Who Refused A Blood Or Breath Test

Most adults know that they have the right to remain silent when they are questioned by the police. But what about the right to refuse a blood or Breathalyzer test?

While drivers may decline a test, they face serious consequences when they make this decision. Our criminal defense attorneys at Law Offices of Harris & Literski act promptly to protect your rights and your future when you have been charged with a drunk or drugged driving offense. If you have refused to submit to a blood or breath test, we will work to minimize the repercussions associated with this action and resolve your criminal matter quickly.

What Does Implied Consent Mean?

There are conditions attached to a driver’s license. When you sign your license, you indicate that you will follow the rules of the road. You also give your consent to be tested for drugs or alcohol if a law enforcement officer believes you are driving while impaired.

What Are The Consequences For Refusing A Test?

Police officers may not conduct a breath or blood test without your permission or a court order. However, you may face these consequences for refusal:

  • Your license may be suspended for a year.
  • You may be unable to apply for a restricted license, which would allow you to continue driving during your suspension.
  • Prosecutors may be less likely to approve a plea deal for a drugged or drunk driving charge.

Getting pulled over can be stressful for any driver. It is difficult to think clearly about the long-term impact that a blood test refusal can have on your case during a police interrogation.

Our lawyers take the long view when we advise you of your best options. We are ready to take your case at any stage in the criminal process.

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