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Howell Underage Drinking Attorney

Needless to say, millions of underage people consume alcoholic beverages on a regular basis, with widespread use among high school and college students in Michigan. In some cases, young people drinking at parties and social events may be charged by law enforcement with minor in possession of alcohol, an offense commonly known as an MIP.

While a first MIP charge will not land a young man or woman in jail, the presence of such a misdemeanor may impair his or her college admissions, job prospects, driver’s license applications and even student loan applications. Many parents are concerned about these possible ramifications.

Successful Defense Against Underage Drinking Charges

If your son or daughter is facing a minor in possession of alcohol charge, the Law Offices of Harris & Literski can help. Our attorneys have successfully defended many clients against underage drinking charges in Livingston County and elsewhere over the past three decades. We can help you deal decisively with MIP charges by:

  • Leveraging diversionary programs that will keep the young person’s record clean
  • Using probation or treatment options, as appropriate, to avoid more significant penalties
  • Using expungement methods to remove charges from the young person’s record
  • Addressing any related drunk driving or fake ID charges

In all circumstances, we will work to reduce your exposure and minimize the damage caused by misdemeanor or juvenile offense charges. Our firm has an excellent reputation among prosecutors, and we are effective in finding solutions to even the most challenging legal matters.

Contact Our Firm’s Brighton Minor In Possession Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, our lawyers can defend your child against MIP charges and other alcohol-related offenses. Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced Michigan defense attorney.