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Fathers are increasingly winning child custody

Michigan courts look to the best interest of the child when making decisions as to child custody. This standard is applied in almost all jurisdictions as a measuring stick for child custody decisions. The standard looks at many factors, including the parental relationship with children involved in the child custody dispute. The court's decision can always be revisited as circumstances change.

Amicably resolving child custody disputes is helpful

A divorce can bring about a plethora of emotions, such as anger, anxiety, worry and hate. These emotions can at times cloud a person's decision-making when facing issues such as child custody. When children are involved in a divorce, the divorce proceedings seem to be that much more unpleasant. Both parents want to continue to be the parent to their child, and this is put at risk when a court has to decide whom the child will reside with at the end of the divorce proceedings, when all of the decisions are made. Child custody issues are difficult issues for the courts to resolve.

Divorcing actress, musician to share joint custody of children

Michigan residents will be familiar with actress Laura Dern's work in television and film; her blockbuster movie Jurassic Park has recently been re-released in 3D. Dern married Grammy-winning musician Ben Harper back in 2005, although Harper filed for divorce in October of 2010. They had already been separated for almost a year before the filing.

Famous or not, child custody is the same in the eyes of the court

Child custody cases can affect all walks of life in a variety of ways. But, whether one is a famous, well-known actor or simply an average Joe, when dealing with child custody issues, the same rules apply to all. The courts do not take into account someone's status in society when ruling in child custody situations. The courts use the best interest of the child standard to make child custody determinations. This standard primarily takes into account where the child will thrive emotionally and physically, where the child will be cared for financially and the child's own wishes when applicable.

Michigan bill would deter international child custody battles

When a couple decides to divorce, there are many issues and disagreements that may potentially arise. One of the most common battles in divorce proceedings concerns child custody. Even when couples have managed to come to an amicable agreement on all other terms of the divorce, these disputes can be some of the most contentious and heated issues in divorce proceedings.

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