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Michigan promotes the idea of parenting time in child custody

There are a plethora of matters that have to be sorted out when divorcing. Some of these matters can be handled quite amicably and without having to get the courts involved. Other issues are more complex and require court attention. With respect to child custody in divorce, this topic tends to fall into the complex category in most cases. Because every parent wants to spend time with their child and be with them on a continual, regular basis, divorce can throw a wrench into this and leave the parents feeling upset. Undoubtedly, when a court issues a child custody order, even if it is for joint custody, the relationship between the parent and the child will inevitably change.

Divorced happily ever after

Divorce is highly emotional and can be combative, depending on the relationship between the parties. With that being said, it is very difficult to believe that a couple who gets divorced can become friends after everything is said and done; however, it does happen. Dealing with issues like child custody, child support, spousal support, prenuptial agreements and alimony are all very difficult matters to handle in the wake of a divorce. If these issues and others that have to be decided during a divorce proceeding can be done amicably, then there is a chance that a friendship can result at the end of the day.

Are military personnel at a disadvantage in child custody cases?

Child custody is difficult for any couple that has to go through it. Because there is the potential for a parent to lose time with their child, emotions tend to run high during child custody battles. The courts have to look at what is in the best interest of the child and often this might not line up with what the parents want.

Actor ordered to pay spousal support

Divorce is one of the most difficult things a Michigan couple has to go through. Divorce means the ending of a relationship that the couple hoped would last forever. This can be devastating for a couple. Dealing with the end of something, especially where love is involved, is hard to do for just about everyone. But once the tears have dried it is time to get down to the business of getting a divorce, which can take a lot of time and energy.

Unmarried couples may reap financial benefits by marrying

It is no secret that marriage brings financial as well as emotional benefits. With the passage of same-sex marriage laws in many states, same-sex couples that are unmarried may want to consider getting married for financial reasons.

Fathers are increasingly winning child custody

Michigan courts look to the best interest of the child when making decisions as to child custody. This standard is applied in almost all jurisdictions as a measuring stick for child custody decisions. The standard looks at many factors, including the parental relationship with children involved in the child custody dispute. The court's decision can always be revisited as circumstances change.

Famous Michigan director will have his hands full with divorce

Divorce is usually difficult for anyone and everyone that has to go through it. The emotional toll that divorce takes on a couple is exhausting, stressful, anxiety-ridden and sad. Even after the emotional struggles that accompany a divorce are overcome, all of the particulars that go with a divorce have to be addressed. Particulars in a divorce consists of issues like property division, asset valuation, alimony, child support and child custody, which all require resolution. Sometimes the courts are quite instrumental in the way in which these issues are handled.

Joint custody is the wave of the future

Determining child custody is probably one of the biggest decisions that a court has to make when dealing with divorce. There are a plethora of other things that have to be handled in divorce proceedings, but none are as paramount as who takes custody of the children. Because of the impact that this decision has on the family, and more importantly on the children, the courts utilize the "best interest of the child" standard when making this decision. This is a uniform standard that all courts in all jurisdictions follow to ensure that the children are adequately and appropriately represented in a divorce proceeding.

Divorce and social security may go hand-in-hand

When getting a divorce, so many things have to be addressed, especially if the parties to the divorce have been married for a while. The longer a marriage lasts, the more things the divorcing party has to deal with. The big-ticket items like property division, asset valuation, child support and child custody are often at the forefront of divorce proceedings. Moreover, prenuptial agreements may take care of a lot of the money matters in divorce. However, there are other aspects of divorce that may go unnoticed and under the radar, like dealing with social security benefits.

The expense of divorce can lead to financial reorganization

When a Michigan residents goes through a divorce, many issues have to be resolved. Matters of child custody, visitation, asset division and property valuation and alimony all are at the forefront of most divorces. These are just some of the things that need to be settled in divorce situations. Outside of these, there is also the emotional aspect of divorce.

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