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In divorce, a positive attitude can set a productive tone

Divorce has become a reality for countless residents of Michigan and beyond. That is not to say that all marriages end in divorce, but it's impossible to deny that there is a good amount of them that do. Thankfully, though, there is no longer a stigma attached to divorce. Even though divorce denotes the end of a marriage, it does not signal the end of the world. Sometimes, divorce is the best solution in a situation where the marriage is just not working anymore.

Michigan county tries new approach to child support enforcement

There are a number of issues to deal with when it comes to going through a divorce. If children are involved, child support issues may complicate efforts to resolve a divorce. One of the most pressing concerns for the courts in divorce cases is ensuring that the health and welfare of the children is handled appropriately. This means that the court expends a lot of effort in securing the financial future of the child so that their needs are met, no matter the outcome of the divorce.

Father and grandmother face charges in Michigan child custody dispute

With divorce comes a number of issues that have to be addressed. Where the parties to the divorce have children, custody of the children is a primary concern for the parents as well as for the court handling the divorce proceedings. Because children are innocent bystanders when parents get divorced, the court takes great pains to ensure that the children's needs are met at every turn. The courts do this by adhering to the best interest of the child standard.

Michigan parents will find no way around paying child support

Paying child support is not optional. Child support payments have to be paid and they have to be paid in a timely fashion. The child support money a court requires a parent to pay goes to the financial well-being of the child of parents who are no longer together. Because of the particular attention courts give to children of broken relationships, the courts do not like when child support payments are not made or are ignored by the party that is supposed to pay. Incarceration is a possible, and in some case probable, punishment for failure to pay child support.

Recently divorced man fatally shoots MI police officer

Divorce can be a difficult process to go through for all parties involved. Divorce means the end of a relationship, the end of a family unit, and the end of an important time in the lives of a couple. Divorce can be stressful, emotionally challenging and exasperating. People who are going through a divorce have a lot to handle with respect to family, property and whatever else goes along with the process. Sometimes the stress that comes with getting a divorce is too much and a person handles that stress in the wrong way.

Non-payment of child support can lead to jail time

Child support payments mean exactly what it says -- payments to support the child financially. In most divorce cases, separation cases or unmarried couple cases where there is court involvement, the court makes a determination about child support. Sometimes the parties can work out, among themselves, a payment schedule. However, often times, the court has to mandate a payment schedule that is appropriate for the situation.

Child support: Michigan high court says parents must prove poverty

The Michigan Supreme Court recently ruled that impoverished parents can defend themselves in criminal cases that result from unpaid child support. Parents can do this by showing that it was impossible for them to pay the amount of child support ordered by the court.

Court orders child support payments to continue for adopted boy

In family law, there are many instances in which the courts will make decisions for the parties involved, depending on the circumstances of the case. For example, regarding child support, Michigan courts are actively involved and are very adamant about compliance.

Child support modification request could help some in Brighton

Child support is the money paid to a custodial parent to help care for a child and provide for a child's needs. In Michigan, arrangements regarding child support are usually handled by courts, and the courts are in charge of setting up a payment schedule as well as the amount paid.

Divorce among older couples increasingly common

In Michigan, as in many other states, the divorce rate is high and steadily rising. According to some statistics, while 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce, 67 percent of second marriages and 74 percent of third marriages in the United States also end in divorce.

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