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Family law advisors recommend how to protect finances in divorce

When a couple in Michigan or elsewhere around the country decide to get a divorce, there is always much discussion around finances. Family law experts believe that those financial discussions become even more complicated when the couple is older. In fact, further complexities arise if one or both of the ex-spouses decides to remarry. Advisers recommend several steps to protect one's financial situation, whether a person is currently married, planning to be married or going through a divorce.

Family law experts say divorce affects children differently

When couples get divorced in Michigan or elsewhere around the nation, they have numerous issues to resolve. Housing, retirement accounts and spousal support are just a few of the topics that must be discussed when a marriage comes to an end. However, family law experts note that for couples with children, it is of utmost importance to carefully address the children's needs. Two rural sociologists recently studied how farm families were affected by divorce. However, national data indicates that divorce can influence children and their families, regardless of the parents' occupations.

Shared parenting gaining support in family law

When a Michigan couple or others across the country go though a divorce, child custody issues are among the most sensitive in the deliberations. While traditional arrangements often saw the children spend the majority of their time with one parent, shared parenting is now gaining more widespread support. In fact, family law experts report that 25 states either have legislation in place that supports shared parenting or are considering it.

How does Michigan family law handle child support?

Divorce tends to amplify financial concerns for many parents. This is especially true when it comes to providing a financially stable life for children, which can seem overwhelming and even impossible with a smaller income. Child support can ease these worries, provide continued financial support for children and is covered under Michigan family law.

Charged with drug possession? Your criminal defense matters

Facing a simple drug possession charge may not seem like that big of a deal. Really, though, this is a criminal offense that can have some serious consequences that can haunt you for life. If you are facing a drug possession charge in Michigan, your criminal defense matters.

New tax plan has family law impact

A sweeping new tax overhaul may affect future divorce proceedings and will change the way individuals approach spousal support payments. Individuals interested in family law matters in Michigan may benefit by gaining an understanding of the new tax treatment of alimony payments. The changes have supporters as well as critics. 

Changes in Michigan family law could affect child custody

Historically, women took over the main role of parenting after divorce while fathers were relegated to a couple of weekends every month. While that might have been appropriate for past generations, Michigan family law may be evolving to keep up with modern families. Lawmakers are currently reviewing a bill that would encourage parents to treat 50/50 custody as the first option for child custody.

Family law documents give insight into Casey Affleck's divorce

Whether a person should be pay alimony to an ex-spouse is not always clear. Although many people in Michigan are under the impression that one person will always have to pay another spousal support after a divorce, this is simply not the case. Family law can be complex, and judges typically take the time to understand all of the factors -- including the length of the marriage and each person's income -- before ordering spousal support payments.

Spousal support an important part of Michigan family law

Divorce can be a financially stressful time for everyone involved. Between asset division, changing household incomes and more, your financial security may become understandably complicated. Spousal support is a key aspect of Michigan family law matters that helps protect you or your spouse in the event of a divorce.

Family law and inheritance -- protect yourself in divorce

Parents often think long and hard about the best inheritances to leave to their children. The last thing on their mind might be that their child's inheritance could be compromised during a divorce. For the most part, Michigan family law treats inheritances as separate property that is not to be included during asset division. However, individuals should still take precautions to ensure that they do not inadvertently jeopardize their inheritance.

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