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Founder of Citadel and wife embroiled in high asset divorce

For people in Brighton, a high asset divorce may have more issues for a couple to deal with than a divorce between people of more modest means. It's more likely that there will be a dispute about property division and alimony if there is more at stake. Oftentimes, there may be prenuptial agreements that have been signed -- but sometimes the agreements are contested or the circumstances of the marriage changed after the agreement.

Famous Michigan director will have his hands full with divorce

Divorce is usually difficult for anyone and everyone that has to go through it. The emotional toll that divorce takes on a couple is exhausting, stressful, anxiety-ridden and sad. Even after the emotional struggles that accompany a divorce are overcome, all of the particulars that go with a divorce have to be addressed. Particulars in a divorce consists of issues like property division, asset valuation, alimony, child support and child custody, which all require resolution. Sometimes the courts are quite instrumental in the way in which these issues are handled.

Money talks in Michigan divorce cases

Divorce is an emotionally stressful time for all involved, including the families of the parties in the divorce, their children and their friends. Mostly everyone who is related or in some way attached to the couple getting a divorce is affected. With that being said, however, the only thing that may be more stressful is the money aspect of a divorce. At the end of the day, divorce can center on finances just as much as it centers on emotions. Emerging from a Michigan divorce financially stable is a helpful goal to have.

World-renowned musician and wife divorce

Studies indicate that many married couples aren't safe from divorce. This is probably because marriage is hard and it takes a lot of work to make it last. In saying that, some people who do get married don't realize just how much effort and nurturing a marriage needs. With that being the case, a lot of marriages unfortunately end in divorce because of a lack of understanding of all of the complexities that are involved with a marriage.

High asset divorces have potential to linger unresolved

Divorce can be painful, emotional and sad and even malicious. Since divorce is such a difficult emotional barrier to cross, there is a good likelihood that it may provoke ill will. Divorce is the ending of a relationship, the ending of a union that was thought to last forever; that is a lot to deal with on an emotional level. For some Michigan couples, a relatively amicable divorce may be possible. However, even the most amicable of divorces can experience trouble if lots of money is at stake.

Property division in high asset divorces can be complicated

Property division is a major part of the divorce proceedings, as people want to ensure that their futures are financially secure with respect to property. One general rule is that what you owned prior to being married is not considered marital property. Marital property is all of the things that the couple acquired during the life of the marriage. This is sort of a bright-line test for property division in divorce proceedings. It gives the courts guidance when dealing with property matters and clearly defines what is and what is not considered marital property.

Well-known couple divorces citing irreconcilable differences

Divorce equates to a death, the death of the relationship. When a couple gets a divorce it impacts not only the couple but also the families, friends and loved ones of the couple. It is a difficult time for all involved and an extremely emotional time as well. In most cases, divorce is a welcome resolution to a familial situation that has already eroded. Although no one gets married with the thought of getting a divorce, the truth of the matter is that it happens rather frequently.

Warning signs of hidden assets during property division

Michigan couples who find themselves at the end of a marriage are likely thinking about who will get what when they each go their separate ways. Some items, like a house or even a family pet, are not things that can be divided up. A divorcing couple will, however, need to find ways to split up their financial assets in the event of a divorce.

High profile divorces are not that different from other divorces

In cases of divorce, there are a number of issues that must be addressed. Deciding to get a divorce is really just the first step in a long process. The process may at times seem tedious and exasperating, but it is a necessary process to ensure that the people involved in the divorce are getting what they deserve and are protected. The courts that handle divorce proceedings follow guidelines established by state law.

Length of marriage has no bearing on divorce

Couples who have been married for a long time still can get divorced. No matter the length of time that a couple has been together, this amount of time cannot stave off a divorce if the married couple is not doing well. Marriage is difficult and takes a lot of work. The longer that you have been married and if children are involved, the more difficult marriage becomes. With greater responsibility in a marriage, come greater burdens and most likely more stressful situations. That is not to say that all marriages end in divorce, but divorce is a very real outcome for those who are not happy in the marriage.

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