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Famous father on the hook for child support . . . again

In situations where a couple has children and are going to get a divorce, child support will be at the forefront of the divorce proceedings. Child support is monies paid for the health and wealth of the child. The children must be provided for especially when a couple is divorcing. Unfortunately, sometimes, the needs of the child/children may get lost in everything else that is going one during a divorce proceeding. The courts are there however to ensure that this does not happen. The court make the determination about child support and use the best interest of the child standard to do so.

Actress makes child support offer, husband rejects

Child support and child support enforcement in Livingston County are handled through the courts. The courts determine the amount of child support that a party has to pay; they base this decision on various factors including but not limited to the needs of the child, the financial status of the parties and who has custody of the child. The best interest of the child is the prevailing factor in child support cases because the courts want to ensure that the child is properly provided for at all times.

NFL Running Back may have to pay child support

Child support may be one of the most contested issues among couples that are no longer together, both in Michigan, and elsewhere. Whether divorced, separated or other, child support is one of those issues that tend to make emotions run high. Since the parties involved in child support disputes are usually pretty volatile, the courts role is to take a non-emotional position on child support. The courts use the best interest of the child standard when looking at child support matters. This standard dictates how the court will proceed when addressing issues regarding child support.

Online child support filings may make the process easier

Child support generally consists of monthly payments made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to assist in the everyday expenses of the child, including food, shelter, clothing, health care and medical expenses. In setting the amount of the monthly payment, Michigan courts use a child support formula that takes into account the needs of the child and the resources of the obligated parent. Once the court orders the payment amount, that amount must be paid every month in a timely fashion unless it is modified by the court.

Famed producers' employers included in child support case

Parents in Michigan need to understand that paying child support is not a joke nor do the courts view it as a minor matter. The courts take child support very seriously because, at the end of the day, when dealing with a divorce or separation, the courts want to ensure that the child is taken care of appropriately. A big part of that is the financial interest of the child. Assessing support payments to the non-custodial parent accomplishes this goal. As such, the court does not take kindly when court mandates are ignored or refused.

Famous actor wants to modify his child support bill

Child support is a court ordered award that is paid to the custodial parent by the non-custodial parent to help provide for the needs of the child. The custodial parent is usually defined as the parent with physical custody over the child, which means that parent is charged with ensuring that the child's day-to-day needs are met. So, when a court enters a judgment for child support, these types of circumstances are taken into consideration. At the end of the day, the court wants to ensure that the child is provided for and makes its decision based on what is in the best interest of the child.

Rapper is able to pay minimal amount in child support

Divorce is not an easy thing to go through, especially if you have children. What will happen with the children and how they will be supported are two big questions that need to be addressed in divorce. The care and custody of the children are of paramount concern for the courts because ensuring the child's well-being is of the utmost concern for all involved. When making child support decisions, the courts do take into consideration the financial standing of who will be paying the support.

Parents with troubles collecting child support may have options

Both parents seeking to collect child support as well as those that may be experiencing difficulty paying child support may consider seeking help through the legal system.

Rodman facing jail time for child support back pay owed

As many Michigan residents know, it is crucial to make consistent and timely child support payments if one is so obligated. These payments are court mandated and must be paid no matter the circumstances. If one is unable to make his or her child support payments due to a significant change in circumstances such as a lost job and substantially increased monthly expenses, one must seek a child support modification order promptly. Child support payments are important because they go directly to the benefit of the child. If the payments are not made, then the child suffers. Further, the individual who fails to make the payments could face serious consequences.

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