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What types of distracted driving are (and aren’t) illegal in Michigan?

Distracted driving comes in various types. Michigan law treats different types of distracted driving differently. Today, we will go over the legal status of some notable types of distracted driving here in Michigan.

Fatal winter weather car accidents in Michigan

Each season can carry its own particular safety concerns with it when it comes to the roads. Here in Michigan, winter can bring with it a lot of different types of weather that can pose major safety hazards on the roads. Examples of such weather conditions include snowfall, snow squalls, ice, sleet and freezing rain.

Speed limit bills passed in Michigan

On roads with higher speed limits, the consequences of unsafe driving can be particularly catastrophic. Dangerous conduct on such roads could lead to high-speed accidents, which can have an especially high chance of resulting in serious injuries or deaths. So, when on high-speed roads, it is critical for drivers to be very careful about their driving conduct. Skilled lawyers can advise individuals harmed by drivers who fail to do this on compensation issues regarding their injuries.

Survey: texting/emailing while driving common among Michigan young adults

Among the things that could cause young adult drivers to pose a danger to others is being distracted behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a recent survey suggests that many young adult drivers here in Michigan are engaging in distracting conduct on their cellphones when driving.

Deadly trifecta blamed for spike in fatal teen car accidents

Preparing young drivers to safely operate their vehicles is not an easy task. We take many steps as a society to help these drivers learn the skill of driving safely. We generally require the completion of some form of driver's education, book and road lessons as well as a final test before drivers can get their license.

Super Bowl Sunday means more drunk drivers on Michigan's roads

This Sunday, a large percentage of television sets in homes and business establishments throughout Michigan will likely be tuned in to the XLIX Super Bowl. For many Michigan residents, regardless of what teams are playing, Super Bowl Sunday is an annual tradition and one that includes friends, football, food and alcoholic beverages.

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