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While we focus a great deal of attention on guiding clients through family law, criminal defense and estate planning matters, we understand that legal dilemmas can lurk around every corner. By building a strong legal foundation, our firm is well-equipped to provide the strong, effective representation that clients need through nearly any challenge.

At the Law Offices of Harris & Literski, we represent clients in Brighton and communities throughout Michigan. Founded in 1985, we serve Livingston County and surrounding Southeast Michigan. No matter the complexity of the issue you are facing, we encourage you to schedule a consultation and discuss your case in greater detail.

Experienced And Well-Rounded Legal Guidance

Two main areas of our practice are personal injury and civil litigation.

  • Personal injury: Our lawyers represent Michigan clients who were injured in a variety of accidents. Whether the accident was a motor vehicle collision — cars, trucks and motorcycles — or something else entirely, like a dog bite, our firm is prepared to guide them through the legal process of monetary compensation.
  • Civil litigation: As opposed to criminal defense, civil litigation is the body of law directly responsible for dispute resolution. These disputes could center around faulty construction, a defective product or the breach of a business contract. Our experience as litigators helps our attorneys develop strong strategies no matter the complexity of the case.

As a service-oriented law firm, we believe in providing a high level of service and personal attention to our clients. We maintain this high standard of care by answering phone calls and being accessible, when our clients need us. Call or email our firm to schedule a free initial consultation.